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Calculated to be the fastest growing method of communication ever!  E-Mail services are a core feature of our Internet solutions. 


What can e-mail do for your business? E-mail provides the most valuable interface
for your customers and partners to exchange information with you.

Gone are the days when every company relied on the FAX machine.  Gone are the days when the telephone was King.  Today customers are crying out for businesses to adopt the Internet as their communications channel of choice.
  • WebMail: Giving you the freedom to read and create e-mail's via your Web Browser - wherever you are. Allowing you to view your mail or delete unwanted messages without having to download them
  • Auto-Reply: E-Mail Autoresponders allow you to define messages that are automatically returned to your e-mail correspondents. Great for Holiday Messages and distributing service lists and company information - a modern day Fax Back system
  • Mailing Groups: Ideal for customer bulletins, discussions groups or newsletters. Create your own e-community. It's easy with our Mailing Group service
  • Email Forwarding: Forward e-mail sent to your domain to another private of business e-mail address. Allowing your to maintain your current dial-up e-mail access or allowing you to control who picks up your mail
  • Security & Confidentiality: Password protected access to your mailbox, with optional SSL security. Our powerful mail systems automatically block dangerous executable attachments and filter spam & junk mail
  • Anti-Virus Scanning: A new service to eliminate potentially damaging mail messages from your mailbox.
  • Anti-Spam (Junk Mail) Blocking: A new service to eliminate annoying, offensive, obscene, pornographic mail messages from your mailbox.
  • SMTP Mail Relay: Ideal for customers with Microsoft Exchange or other internal mail servers on their office network. Email is routed directly via MX records with a backup service, or stored and forwarded to your office using the ETRN SMTP protocol.
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