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The Glossary Help section allows you to get quick reference to some of the more technical terms that are used on our website. We try where possible to use natural English and avoid the terms, but sometimes – these technical names must be used for briefness and clarity.

Term Definition

- A -

ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop: The latest standard for low cost high speed digital network communication.
Anonymous FTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol: Allows users to transfer files between remote machines using a guest account.
ASP Active Server Pages: A powerful programming language which allows program scripts to be run on Web servers.

- B -

Bandwidth A measure of allowed or available data transfer.
Business Directories Internet Search directories that mimic traditional paper directories. Examples: Scoot, Yell (Yellow Pages), AskAlex and Thomson.
Bytes A collection of 8 binary digits (value range 0-255). A standard measure of Computer memory, Disk space and Data transfer. Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes are used to described greater factors of the Byte.

- C -

Client-side Used to describe actions or programs that occur or run within the scope of a users application (Typically a web browser).
Cookie A small text file which may be stored on your computer when you visit a Web site, allowing it to remember you the next time you return.

- D -

Data Backup A process which copies data from our servers to a safe location, so that it can be recovered in the event of a unforeseen disaster.
Database Typically a relational store of data held in tables with links and indexes between tables. Example database engines are Access and SQL Server.
DHTML Dynamic HyperText Mark-up Language: Allows HTML to perform dynamic actions within a web browser in response to user input and pre-programmed rules.
Digital ID’s and Signatures Digital ID's are used to apply a digital signature to an e-mail message. Allowing others to verify that a message is authentic.
DNS Domain Name System: A service which converts between Domain Names like: www.your-future.co.uk and IP addresses like
Domain Name A name tag which is used in place of numbers for an address on the Internet. You will have a Domain Name for your web pages and your email. For example www.eBizs.net for a web address or sales@eBizs.net for an email address.
Domain Name Registration The process of requesting a Domain Name from the Naming Authorities.
Domain Parking The process of requesting a Domain Name and storing it for later use.
Domain Reservation The process of requesting a Domain Name and storing it for later use.

- E -

E Business
A expression used to describe Electronic Business. Largely used is connection with the Internet to describe the manner and ways in which Business Transactions, Marketing and Communications are conducted over the Net.
E Commerce
Electronic Commerce: Describes business-to-business or consumer-to-business financial transactions. The process in which the sale or transfer of goods and merchandise are conducted over the Internet via the Web or e-mail.
E Mail
Electronic Mail: The major payload of the Internet. Allowing many millions of people, companies and computer systems to communicate with each other around the world.
e-mail address The name tags used to send and receives e-mails. For example sales@eBizs.net. or yourname@your-address.co.uk
Email Alias An alternative name-tag which can be used in place of an e-mail address. For example: We use Help as an alias of Support. So e-mail sent to help@eBizs.net will arrive in the mailbox for support@eBizs.net
e-mail catch-all
e-mail wildcard
These terms describe a method which allows any e-mail alias to be directed to a single mail account.
e-mail client A software application which allows users to create, read and manage their e-mail. Some of the most popular e-mail clients are Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora.
Email Forwarding Allows e-mails to be re-directed to another e-mail facility that you may already have. For example e-mail sent to sales@your-company.com could be redirected to yourname@your-address.co.uk.
Encryption A process which renders data unreadable – so that it has to be un-encoded before it can be understood. Normally used to protect sensitive information like personal details and credit card numbers.
e-retailer An expression used to describe an Electronic Retailer. A business or company which utilises the Internet to sell its goods and wares.

- F -

FAQ A common phrase used to describe a section of text which describes and answers the most Frequently Asked Questions:
FrontPage Microsoft’s class leading graphical HTML editing and management suite.
FrontPage Editor Microsoft’s class leading graphical HTML Web page editor.
FrontPage Explorer Microsoft’s class leading graphical Web site management application.
FrontPage WebBot A set of objects in the FrontPage system which are used to enhance the web production process.
FTP File Transfer Protocol: A mechanism which allows remote computers to transfer files between each other.
FTP Client A software application which customers may use to load their Web data to and from our servers.
FTP Server A software application which runs on our computer servers and allows our customers to transfer their data to and from our system.

- G -

GIF Graphics Interchange Format: A standard way of representing images on the Web. GIF’s are compressed to reduce transfer times.
GUI Graphical User Interface: A common feature of most modern operating systems. It is the control and display interface between the user and the computer.

- H -

Hits A measure of how busy a Web site is. Hits measure the total number of times elements on a page have been requested.
Home Page The entry page of a Web site which normally has an introduction to your information and has links to other information on your website.
Host The term used to distinguish different server machines or facilities within a domain. So in the case of www.ebizs.net - www is the host.
HTML HyperText Mark-up Language: The language of the Net. This is the code which defines a Web sites appearance and content.
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol: An Internet standard which allows Web browsers exchange information with Web servers.
Hyperlinks A text link or image which allows visitors to transfer viewing to other pages on the Web.
Hypertext A term which now relates to Web pages that allow users to interact in some way.

- I -

IIS 4 Internet Information Server version 4: The high powered and versatile Web hosting platform upon which all our Web services run.
Internet The huge array of computer systems all over the world which communicate with each other, and allows users to exchange information.
Internic The Internic is currently operated by Network Solutions, who maintain a global registrar monopoly for the top-level domains of .com, .net and.org.
IP Address A numerical representation of a network address (i.e.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network: A digital standard which allows for increased speeds for data transfer.
IPP Internet Presence Provider: An organisation dedicated to providing a complete and functional Internet presence.
ISP Internet Service Provider: An organisation dedicated to providing access to the Internet by modem, ISDN or leased lines.
ISPA UK Internet Service Providers Association: A UK organisation which provides guidelines for Service Providers working in the Internet industry.

- J-

Java Applet
A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems which brings a full programming environment to Web browsers and Web servers.
JavaScript Developed by Netscape, JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages for creating interactive Web pages.
The Joint Photographic Expert Group image encoding standard. JPEG’s can be compressed to reduce transfer times.

- L -

Linux A free UNIX operating system created by Linus Torvalds – and maintained by Linus and many developers around the world.
LINX London InterNet eXchange: A non-profit partnership between Internet Service Providers. It provides the largest Internet exchange point in the UK at Telehouse London.
List Moderator Someone with special responsibility in a Mailing List, the Moderator must approve each message before it is sent to the list members.

- M -

Mail Form Commonly used to describe a Web Page which accepts user provided data (e.g. Name, Address, Comments, Orders etc) and posts this information to the site owner via e-mail.
Mail Server A server applications which supports all the Internet standards for the distribution, collection and management of e-mail.
Mailing List A group e-mail facility which provides a discussion forum for members of the list. Can be used for Newsletters and Bulletins.
Meta Tag MetaTags provide information to search engines about a Web page or a Web site. They are hidden from normal view.
Microsoft FrontPage The world's leading graphical Web site creation and management tool. We provide full support for FrontPage in all of our hosting plans.
Modem Modulator Demodulator: A bit of kit which allows computers to communicate over phone lines.

- N -

NetShow Part of Microsoft’s Streaming Media Services. Provides audio and video streaming media over networks and the Web.
Newsgroup A huge Internet discussion forum with many thousands of topics.
Nominet Nominet UK is the national registrar which maintains the central registry of all unique domain names ending in .uk – including .co.uk, .net.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk and .plc.uk.

- P -

Page Counter A utility which allows a count to be registered every time a Web page is visited.
Page Views A measure of how often a particular Web page has been viewed. Allowing customers to determine the popularity of their Web pages.
PGP Security Pretty Good Privacy: A program which protects e-mail communications by encrypting the e-mail so that nobody but the intended recipient can read it.
PICS The Platform for Internet Content Selection: A system devised to allow Web authors and publishers to classify the content of their Web sites.
POP3 Post Office Protocol 3. An e-mail standard which allows users to collect and manage their e-mail using popular e–mail clients like Web Browsers, Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora etc.

- R -

RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Devices: A configuration of computer disk drives which allows for greater resilience and increases in data transfer speed.
Real Audio Part of the RealNetworks Streaming Media Services. Provides audio streaming media over networks and the Web.
Real Video Part of the RealNetworks Streaming Media Services. Provides video streaming media over networks and the Web.
Request Form Commonly used to describe a Web Page which accepts user provided data (e.g. Name, Address, Comments, Orders etc). This can then be saved on the Web server or sent by e-mail to the site owner.

- S -

SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface: A high-speed interface for computer peripherals like disk drives, cd-roms and scanners..
Search Directory
Search Engine
Much like a big Yellow Pages directory. 85% of Internet users use Search Directories to find the Web sites that they want on the Internet. There are many hundreds of different Search Directories like: Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, MSN Search, AOL Find, InfoSeek and HotBot.
Search Robot An automated program which trawls through the Internet looking for new and updated Web sites.
Server A computer application or system which is dedicated to the task of responding to requests from client applications.
Server-side A term which is used to describe actions or programs that occur or run within the scope of a server.
Sessions A Session is described as the time period for which a user interacts with your Web site.
Shopping Cart Systems which allows Internet users to collect goods into their virtual shopping trolley, and then purchase them.
SME Small to Medium Enterprise: A common term used in the UK to describe small and medium sized businesses (Typically 1-250 employees)
SSL Security Secure Sockets Layer: A widely used standard developed by Netscape for securing communications between a Web browser and a Web site.

- T -

Telehouse A facility operated by Telehouse Europe which provides a secure, computerised environment for data processing equipment.
Thawte Thawte provide Digital ID’s and Server IDs which enable e-mail and Web servers to operate in a secure mode, by authenticating and encrypting the data held or passed between e-mail correspondents, Web servers and Web browsers.

- U -

UNIX An operating system language developed by AT&T.
URL Uniform Resource Locator: A term used to describe the address of a resource on the Internet. Examples are Web sites (http://www.internet.com) and ftp servers (ftp://ftp.internet.com)

- V -

V.A.T Value Added Tax. This is a local Taxation which is charged at a rate of 15.0% on all goods and services that we sell to customers within the UK and other European Member Communities.
VBScript Microsoft’s Visual Basic Scripting Edition language is based on the popular Visual Basic.  It is most commonly utilised as part of the ASP programming environment which allows powerful server-side applications to be developed for the Web.
VeriSign VeriSign provide Digital ID’s and Server IDs which enable e-mail and Web servers to operate in a secure mode, by authenticating and encrypting the data held or passed between e-mail correspondents, Web servers and Web browsers.
Virus Viruses are computer programs which spread like biological viruses, by finding ways to replicate themselves. Most Viruses are not destructive, but certain Viruses can be. It is always advisable to protect against Viruses using anti-virus software.

- W -

Web address A textual name tag for an Internet location. Most Web addresses start with ‘www’. For example www.eBizs.net
Web browser A software application which allows users to view and interact with the content of Web pages. Popular Web browsers are Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera and Mosaic.
Web Design The term Web Design relates to the development of the look & feel of a Web site, and any facilities which allow users to interact with that site.
Web Development Extends the Web Design idea to include such things as Web Marketing, E-mail services and E-Commerce solutions.
Web Forwarding A facility we provide to allow your Web address to be automatically re-directed to an alternative Web address.
Web Hosting Our Web hosting services provide high quality, feature rich Internet real-estate for our customers to publish their Web sites.
Web log files Web Logs are audit records which allow you to analyse the habits of your Web site visitors. We also use WebTrends to analyse this graphically.
Web Marketing The process of developing and creating a web presence by popularising our customers Web sites, and making them easier for Internet users to find.
Web Page A page viewed through a Web browser - which is made up of HTML content - text, images, sounds and animations.
Web Server A computer application which provides (or serves) pages of HTML content to Web Browsers.  Web Servers can also communicate with databases and other program applications.
Web site A collection of Web Pages and documents. Web sites are the heart of the Internet information age.  Similar to a brochure or Catalogue which is available across the entire world - 24 hours a day.
WebTrends The WebTrends Log Analyser is an essential solution for Web developers, sales and marketing managers requiring measurable results on their Internet investment. It provides a wealth of reports for analysing the behaviour of your Web visitors.
Windows 2000 Windows 2000: Microsoft’s flagship operating system.
The World Wide Web describes the collection of Web sites, pages and applications which are distributed across the entire world

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