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Outlook Mail Settings


This example demonstrates how to configure the Server settings for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.


In the examples below: 

You would change all occurrences of <YourDomain> to your domain name.   e.g.  We would use: eBizs.net

Usernames will typically be in the form.

user@<YourDomain>              e.g.  info@eBizs.net

Remember: Passwords are case sensitive. So YourPassword and yourpassword are not the same.

Step A - Create a new Mail account


In the instructions that follow you will Create a new account that is able to receive mail directly from your POP3 mail account on our servers.  You will also need to complete Step B - in order to be able to send mail through our servers.

A1. Select [Tools], then [Accounts] from the Outlook / Outlook Express menu bar.

A2. Create a new Mail account by selecting [Add], then [Mail] on the Internet Accounts screen.

A3. Enter your Display Name as you wish it to be seen by recipients. i.e. "John Thumb" or "Sally". Then click  [Next >] to proceed.

A4. Enter your Internet Email Address. This should be in the form <username>@<YourDomain>   e.g. "John@mynewdomain.com".  
Then click 
[Next >] to proceed.

where <YourDomain> is your domain name. i.e  mydomain.com
and <username> is your preferred user name.

A5. Enter the e-mail server names as follows:
  • In the "Incoming mail" box, enter: mail.<YourDomain>
  • In the "Outgoing mail" box, enter: mail.<YourDomain>

where <YourDomain> is your domain name. i.e  mydomain.com

A6. Enter your POP3 account logon details
  • In the "Account name" box, enter the full name of your e-mail account. Replacing the '@' with a '.'  e.g.  info.<YourDomain>
  • In the "Password" box, enter your password. 

where <YourDomain> is your domain name. i.e  mydomain.com

A7. Click [Next >] and then [Finish] to complete the creation of the new account. 



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