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Hit Counters


This page explains the Hit Counter functionality available.

All hosting accounts on NextStep upwards are configured with the DeepMetrix StatsServer Graphical reporting service - negating the need for a hit counter.

NOTE: As we no-longer provide the basic CGI Hit Counter service - we suggest that customers should use a 3rd Party solution.


FrontPage Hit Counter    [more]

There is a basic Hit Counter function built into all versions of Microsoft FrontPage. (see your FrontPage documentation)

3rd Party Hit Counters    [more]

An increasing number of 3rd party's provide Hit Counters - complete with detailed statistics.


Microsoft FrontPage


The FrontPage Hit Counter function can be added to your site by using the following menu sequence.

    Insert -> Component -> HitCounter

Please see FrontPage documentation for further details.


3rd Party Hit Counters


A recommended alternative is to use an 3rd party hit counter service.

Some well known ones are 




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